Honda Wins Big with KBB Best Buy Awards

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Honda Wins Big with KBB Best Buy Awards

Each year Kelly Blue Book test drives hundreds of new vehicles in order to build Buyer’s Guides, Comparison Tests and more. At the beginning of each year KBB evaluates the best of all the brand-new models and subjects them to an intense evaluation. Honda has stolen the show this year at the KBB awards. The winners list was filled with Hondas! Of the 12 categories listed in the recent Kelley Blue Book Best Buy Awards of 2018, Honda won 6 of them.

The drive test are important but resale is also considered. The KBB resale value and 5-Year Cost to Own calculations are critical in their analysis. Depreciation is almost always the biggest expense in new-car ownership, and without taking it into account it’s almost impossible to know which of two similarly priced cars will cost you more in the long run.

With unprecedented levels of quality across the industry it is hard to choose a bad vehicle nowadays; however, there’s always a vehicle that offers a stronger mix of attributes than its competitors.

Below is a list of the Honda vehicles that won Best Buy Awards and a brief on what was said about them.

Overall Winner: 2018 Honda Accord

The midsize sedan segment has long been a sweet spot of needs, wants and value, and the new Accord is as sweet as it gets.


Small Car: 2018 Honda Civic

Honda’s highly recommendable compact car has claimed the Small Car Best Buy Award four years in a row.


Midsize Car: 2018 Honda Accord

Groundbreaking style and excellent tech help the totally redesigned Accord set a new standard in the popular midsize sedan segment


Small SUV: 2018 Honda CR-V

Whether you want a flexible and fuel-efficient errand-runner or a leather-laden commuter with enough premium amenities to pass for a luxury SUV, the Honda CR-V can fulfill your needs.


Midsize SUV: 2018 Honda Pilot

Combining style and substance with a renowned reputation made Honda’s 3-row SUV a clear winner in the Midsize SUV category.


Minivan: 2018 Honda Odyssey

The totally redesigned 2018 Honda Odyssey is the best family car in the world.


Electric/Hybrid Car: 2018 Honda Clarity PHEV

The impressively well-rounded Clarity Plug-in Hybrid combines 5-passenger capacity and 47 miles of all-electric range with an available $7,500 federal tax credit.

With all the innovations that Honda is introducing in 2018 it is no wonder that Honda went home with half of all the awards including the overall best pick. Whether you are looking for a compact vehicle or a full-size sedan there is a Honda that is perfect for you. Year after year Honda continues to prove that their vehicles are the most innovative and reliable in the industry.

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