6 Exciting Features of the Upcoming 2018 Honda Fit

August 10th, 2017 by

Honda logoThe 2018 Honda Fit is Honda’s answer to the Ford Fiesta and the Kia Rio. There are a number of reasons consumers may wish to get their hands on one of these and least of all is the fact that this little hatchback features five doors. Discover some of the other exciting features of Honda’s latest release.


Superb Design and a Stunning Silhouette

Honda did not spare any expense to make this model feature some of the telltale Honda aspects. The grille reminisces of the Honda Civic and the exciting design carries all the way through to the rear. The overall physique provides a sporty finish that also carries an aerodynamic flair.


Comfortable Interior with Superb Finishes

This is once again where Honda is able to show off the sheer genius of their design team. For a car that is slightly smaller than the others in their fleet, they’ve paid incredible detail to every aspect, from the fully digital command center to the integrated controls on the steering column. The interior is spacious considering the size, and it offers comfortable seating and plenty of storage space.


Customers Have the Option of Four Different Trims

The base model — the LX — already starts off with an impressive list of features. Drivers have access to a multiangle rearview camera, which ordinarily only features in the more luxurious models. There is also a six-speed transmission to look forward to. The Sport model features front, side, and rear underbody spoilers. The 16-inch black alloy wheels just complete the sporty look.


The EX model takes things a notch further from the LX and incorporates Honda Sensing and a one-touch, power moonroof. The final trim available to customers is the luxurious EX-L, which features a leather-trimmed interior and heated front seats.


A Choice of What Takes Place Under the Hood

Those who wish to ramp up the performance of their vehicles merely need to compare the different trims. The LX, Sport, and EX feature a six-speed manual 1.5-liter, four-cylinder engine. There is also the option to upgrade to a CVT. The EX-L is standard with a CVT powertrain.


Drivers Have Access to Cutting Edge Technology

Apart from a fully digital interior, the car also boasts technology that surpasses many of its competitors. This includes a world-class navigation system and push-button start. Customers will also have additional support on the road with the Honda LaneWatch. Entertainment is a breeze with the connected audio. Many of these features are standard on the EX and EX-L models.


Once customers can decide on the vehicle that suits their pocket perfectly, all the other accessories can fall into place. There is also a range of fresh new colors to choose from, which adds to the excitement of the decision-making process.

Image via Pixabay