Honda 30,000 Mile Service: What to Know

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Honda 30,000 Mile Service: What to Know

Whether you drive a Honda Accord, Honda Civic, Honda Odyssey performing proper vehicle maintenance like 30,000 mile service is critical.

Why Do Car Maintenance?

Car maintenance is performed in order to:

  • Keep your automobile safe for you and the people who ride with you.
  • Avoid the excessive vehicle repair costs which may spring up later if you don’t!
  • Maintain/ live up to the terms of your warranty.
  • Keep it running at an optimum level. This can mean better gas mileage and paying less $ at the pump.
  • Help your vehicle maintain its value.
  • Contribute to the Go Green movement by limiting your car’s harmful emissions.
  • Avoid (as best you can) having your vehicle break down on the side of the road.

Honda 30,000 Mile Service

This service consists of:

  • Engine Oil Replacement
  • Tire Rotation
  • Drive Belt Adjustment/ Inspection
  • Dust and Pollen Filter Replacement
  • Air Cleaner Element Replacement
  • Other Related Checks & Inspections

Why Honda Service?

Keep your vehicle as dependable as the first day that you drove it by choosing Honda 30,000 mile service.

When you choose Honda Service at Rairdon’s Honda of Burien, you get genuine parts that are engineered and tested to meet the original factory standard.

There’s also amenities like coffee and Wi-fi.

Finally, you’ll appreciate the fact that Honda-certified technicians have the most up to date technical resources, distinctive processes, and pertinent tools that come direct from the factory.

When to Schedule Car Maintenance?

In general, car maintenance is performed at 30,000, 60,000, and 90,000 miles. However certain items such as rubber gaskets and hoses, windshield wiper blades, and tires are likely to need replacing during the intervals that occur in-between these maintenance milestones. Therefore, you’ll want to make sure that you plan accordingly.

How to Organize Car Maintenance Records?

It’s important that you keep a record of your car’s maintenance history, not only to make sure that you get max money when it comes time to sell, but also to help service providers understand your vehicle’s needs. Things you’ll want to hold on to include repairs and service receipts, as well as in-depth descriptions of the type of work performed.

Ways of staying organized include utilizing an old-school binder system (make sure it’s stocked with maintenance log template spreadsheets) or newer methods like Auto-Care Apps. (Note that can also help you keep track of things like vehicle running costs, fuel consumption, and your daily mileage).

How Much is Honda 30,000 Mile Maintenance?

Maintenance costs will vary depending on your car’s age, mileage, and condition (as well as other factors). For a quote regarding your specific vehicle, contact us here or visit us at 15026 1st Avenue South, Burien, WA 98148.

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