5 Reasons to Consider Buying a Certified Pre-Owned Honda

August 24th, 2017 by

Honda Type RIt’s tempting to head out to the nearest Honda dealership for a brand-new set of wheels when it’s time to hand in the keys of the old one. The price of new vehicles can be strenuous on a tight budget, especially if the purchase is unplanned. Choosing an older model doesn’t mean consumers need to drop their standards, especially when it comes to certified Honda pre-owned vehicles. Discover a few reasons Honda is a viable option for those in the market.


It’s More Cost-Effective Than a Brand-New Car

The minute a car drives off the showroom floor, the value decreases. While this might be bad news for new vehicle owners, those on the market for a pre-owned vehicle will have all the bells and whistles without forking out too much cash. Although Honda holds value fairly well, it is still more cost-effective to purchase a certified pre-owned vehicle than a brand-new one.


Certified Pre-Owned Hondas Are in a Whole New Class

It’s not just any pre-owned Honda that will do. They have to be certified pre-owned Hondas to meet the stringent tests and service requirements to give drivers the pure driving pleasure they’ve come to expect from Honda. This is because the certified pre-owned Honda dealerships have certain standards they adhere to before the car is added to the showroom floor.


A Thorough Inspection Takes Place

Only Hondas produced within the last six years will be considered to form part of the fleet. Once they pass this entry-level requirement, a thorough inspection takes place. For safety reasons, technicians take a closer look at the brakes, tires, and wheels. Once this is in order, the inspection moves to under the hood and under the car to ensure the drivetrain and engine aspects are still in good condition. Steering and suspension are tested to ensure a pleasurable drive. Finally, looks do matter and the condition of the exterior of the vehicle is inspected.


Certified Pre-Owned Hondas Carry a Warranty

This is almost unheard of in the industry, as pre-owned vehicles are often sold on an as-is basis. The warranty covers various aspects of the vehicle, which include: Powertrain Systems and Components Coverage, Non-Powertrain Systems and Components Coverage, and Deductible and Transferable clauses.


Certified Honda Pre-Owned Vehicles are backed by the dealership and manufacturer, which means consumers have peace of mind when they slide in behind the wheel.


Customers Enjoy the Pleasure of the Drive

Apart from the superior service customers can expect from Honda Care, customers also enjoy some added extras. The SiriusXM Radio offers new owners a three-month trial to test the latest in entertainment innovation to enjoy in their pre-owned Honda. The trial is obligation free, but it cannot guarantee that owners won’t be hooked.


These vehicles leave the showroom floor with less than 80,000 miles on the clock. New owners have the peace of mind that this set of wheels has undergone a 182-point check to ensure they have a safe and pleasant journey ahead. For these reasons, purchasing a certified pre-owned Honda makes perfect sense.

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