How Families Have Fun in Federal Way, Washington

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SlideAn important part of being a family is going out together to have fun and make memories. This means you need to find the right activities that will be suitable for everyone. Fortunately, if you live near Federal Way, Washington, there are several locations your family can visit for a great time.

Learn how families have fun in Federal Way, Washington and read about a few of the locations your family should be sure to visit.

Wild Waves

During the hot months of the summer, there’s no better way to spend a day than cooling off at a water park, and in Federal Way the premier destination for fun in the water is the Wild Waves Theme Park. Wild Waves is the largest theme park in the western part of Washington, and offers countless rides and ways to have fun in the water.

A few of the most popular attractions at Wild Waves include a water slide maze, a wave pool, and river rides. If you get a little chilly, there are also hot tubs where you can warm up. If you want an entire day filled with fun and excitement, you and your family need to visit Wild Waves Theme Park.

Pacific Bonsai Museum

Family outings are a great opportunity for you and your children to connect with nature and learn about other cultures. If you’re looking for a chance for fun and education, then a great place to visit in Federal Way is the Pacific Bonsai Museum.

The Pacific Bonsai Museum is entirely outdoors and features some of the most beautiful pieces of living art you’ve ever seen. At the Museum, you’ll be able to examine over 50 gorgeous bonsai trees from different areas of the world, including the USA, Canada, and Pacific Rim nations. Visiting the Pacific Bonsai Museum is a great way to spend the day in Federal Way.

Rhododendron Species Botanical Gardens

If your family enjoys beautiful natural scenery, then a great option is to visit a flower garden, and the best garden you could visit in Federal Way is the Rhododendron Species Botanical Garden. The Rhododendron Species Botanical Gardens is home to the most expansive collections of this beautiful flower in the entire world. The Botanical Gardens are filled with over 10,000 gorgeous rhododendron flowers across 700 species.

When you and your family visit the Botanical Gardens, you’ll be able to stroll through 22 acres filled with the most attractive plant life you’ve ever seen.

Historical Society of Federal Way

Whether you’re a resident or visitor to Federal Way, a good idea for a family activity is learning more about the history of the area. If you want to learn more about the long and interesting story of Federal Way, you should consider a visit to the Historical Society of Federal Way.

At the Historical Society, you’ll be able to tour some of the most historic locations in Federal Way, including the cabins of John Barker and David T. Denny, two of the city’s most prominent citizens.

Spend a day at any of these locations in Federal Way, Washington if you want your family to have a great time that you won’t soon forget.

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