How does Honda SMS messaging work?

November 12th, 2015 by

hondasmsWe have previously talked about how unsafe texting and driving is, and how it may someday be easier for cops to tell what you’re doing with advanced radar guns, but the one thing we haven’t covered yet is how to be safer behind the wheel. It’s a tech-savvy world we’re living in, and most of us can’t resist the urge to check our phones when they go off while we’re driving. Fortunately for Honda drivers, many of our new model years are coming standard with the SMS text message function, including the 2015 Honda Civic. How does Honda SMS messaging work?

Using your Honda SMS messaging feature

The Short Message System (SMS) text message function works through the Bluetooth capability of both your phone and the system in your vehicle, which means you naturally have to have a Bluetooth-ready device. Not all smartphones are compatible with Honda HandsFreeLink, but it’s easy to find out if yours is. Always pair your phone before driving and only use the SMS feature when it is safe to do so. During slippery weather it can be a poor choice to take your eyes off the road even for a second, and no message is worth that.

The Honda SMS function allows you to send and receive text messages without handling your phone, though there is a catch. When it comes to receiving messages the system will audibly read it out to you. The screen simply pops up saying you have a message and asks on the screen if you’d like it read to you. The catch comes with replying, which is a bit limited in the fact that there are only six preloaded messages from which to choose: “Talk to you later, I’m driving,” “I’m on my way,” “I’m running late,” “OK,” “Yes,” and “No.” These messages cannot be personalized or changed in any way. For some, this may seem a bit limited, but taking the time to text has proven to be very dangerous and this function helps take away the temptation. Those who truly need to discuss the content of a message received can also easily call the person who texted without taking their eyes off the road.

Our staff at Honda of Burien hopes this function will help keep our locals safe. If there are any other topics or features you’d like us to discuss here, feel free to contact our staff members and we’d love to discuss it with you.


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