Why You Should Visit Federal Way Farmers Market

September 7th, 2017 by

PumpkinsThe fresh dew from the morning pickings await shoppers who make their way to a farmer’s market bright and early. With the recent movement to support farm-to-table eating, what better way to stock the fridge and pantry straight from a farmer’s market? But Federal Way Farmers Market is about more than simply just the food. It is also a great place for family fun. Find out why a visit to Federal Way Farmers Market is simply a must.


Saturday Market Days for Delicious Deals

May through October is an exciting period for the farm as it hosts Saturday events. These events bring together people from all walks of life who wish to browse through the various stalls for the best offer on tasty treats and homemade items. The market also provides delicious breakfast or lunch meals to sustain shoppers as they busy themselves with their grocery lists.

A Focus on Health and Wellness

Another tradition of the Saturday Market Days extends to the physical as locals participate in 5K walks, health and wellness days, and more. With the combination of produce fresh from the farm, this acts as a catalyst to get bodies fit and healthy.


The Integration of Local Businesses

When businesses work together, it creates an overall sense of well-being. This, in turn, strengthens the community, which is why the Federal Way Farmers Market is a good choice for businesses and patrons. Local vendors are encouraged to display their wares at the market to ensure a continued growth of businesses.


Children Have A Great Time

It takes a lot for children to get bored at the farm as there is just so much to do and see. Apart from the BECU Kids Activity Day, there are also family initiatives that ensure quality time remains intact. The Apple Harvest and Bark for Life Pet Days are often events children look forward to.


Community Involvement and Neighborhood Cookoffs

What better way to get to know the neighbors than with a Chilli-Cook-Off? This event is something that participants prepare months for, and it promises to be both entertaining and delicious. The Outdoor Bazaar is also another fun event that attracts an eclectic mix of visitors and vendors to add a touch of variety to the area. There is also a Family Safety Day & Community Resource Day to help foster those relationships.


Shopping Made Easy With the Holiday Gift Bazaar

Mulling about in shopping malls over the holidays for a generic gift while trying to navigate the crowds, parking, and inflated prices are a thing of the past. Rather spend those hard-earned dollars at the Holiday Gift Bazaar, which runs from mid-November through mid-December. Not only are these gifts unique and handmade, it is also the opportunity to support a local business.


When heading out the market, don’t forget to strap on your furry best friend’s leash as dogs on short leashes are allowed at the farm. There are also card facilities for those who are cash-strapped and plenty of seating to enjoy the delicious meals and treats.

Image via Pixabay